Embedded Software


We are experts in the field of software development for microcontrollers, embedded Linux and hardware drivers.
For us, embedded systems engineering means that hardware and firmware come from a single source and are regarded as one unit. With this comprehensive approach, we ensure that the system requirements of the target product are met at all times.




Our developments and products form the interface between the measurement signals and the higher software layers. Based on customer requirements, hardware abstractions are created which provide the software with defined interfaces for controlling the hardware.


  • Real-time operating systems
  • Software development in assembler code
  • Bootloader for software updates
  • Preparation of measurement data
  • Filter functions
  • Signal evaluation
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Development and implementation of customer-specific algorithms, functions and processes


Embedded Linux


The use of Linux as an operating system is a lived practice for us. Linux provides a variety of immediately usable functionalities:

  • FTP server
  • Web interface
  • File system
  • Updateability



Our systems use an adapted angstrom as a basis. This is a distribution especially developed for embedded applications, which is based on the widely used Yocto Project or OpenEmbedded Build System . Many parts are thereby based on the Debian derivatives known from desktop systems. We always deliver the systems with a customized Linux image. This image serves all existing hardware interfaces and contains the most important libraries, including QT and a toolchain for cross-compiling for the ARM system on a Linux PC.

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